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Hygienic pvc Wall Cladding Systems from BioClad.      

 BioClad PVC wall panels are easily installed onto almost any substrate. Because the panels can be applied directly onto most flat surfaces, the system is perfect for both new build and refurbishment projects. We can offer complete packages for all kinds of surfaces including ceilings and floors. 

 K13/145 Rigid Sheet  BioClad® Antimicrobial Rigid Sheet Panelling BioClad® single skin UPVC sheet available in White and Pastel shades and Vivid Gloss sheets. Finish Satin Thickness 2.5mm Size 2500mm x 1220mm   2800mm x 1220mm   3050mm x 1220mm Max Temperature  60°C Weight 3.5kg per m² Suitable Substrates 12.5mm plasterboard, mechanically fixed plywood, sand and cement rendering 1:3 with steel trowel finish, dust free good quality fair faced brick or blockwork, ceramic tiles which are securely bonded to substrate and degreased, 9mm (minimum) W.B.P resin bonded to substrate. Method of Fixing Sheets are fully bonded to suitable substrate with trowel applied BioClad 2-part polyurethane adhesive or BioClad® 1-part water based acrylic adhesive. Cutting Fine toothed blade jigsaw or circular saw with fine TCT sawblade whilst sheet is supported. Joints Sheets can be sealed by hot welding providing a seamless finish or joined with matching PVC single and 2-part silicon free trim systems. Between sheet and floor Sheets can be overlaid or trim fixed to a vinyl flooring system. Tile and resin flooring trims also available. Internal/External Corners BioClad® can be thermoformed on site to provide a seamless uniform corner arrangement.

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